Kwara Environmental Officers Arrest An Aide Of Top PDP Member For Dumping Refuse On Roadside


Kwara State Environmental Sanitation Officers has on Thursday arrested one Taofiq Ambali who claimed to be a domestic staff of top member of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Ambassador Nimota Akanbi for illegally dumping of refuse at roadside in Ilorin.

Government has said it will not accept further sabotage of its efforts to ensure a cleaner environment in the state, a warning made following the arrest of a domestic aide to a top opposition figure who was caught dumping huge refuse by the roadside in Ilorin.

Taofeeq Ambali, was caught during the ministry’s routine inspection exercise dumping a huge of refuse at the roadside while touring around the metropolis to ascertain the level of environmental compliance in the state.
During interrogation, Ambali claimed to a driver to Ambassador Nimota Akanbi he was acted on his boss instructions to offload the truck refuse at Flower Garden area of Ilorin roadside.


“We are thoroughly disgusted at this obvious attempt to frustrate government’s efforts to make the environment clean. It is unthinkable to find opposition figures deliberately littering the streets with garbage and then turning around to make videos of the same scenes and publishing them in their local newspapers for political capital,” Bode Towoju lamented.

“We recall that the spokesman of the PDP was recently going round town making and sharing videos of illegal refuse dumps in the early hours of the day to make nonsense of government’s efforts to clean the environment.

“The arrest was made alongside other environmental sabotuers, confirming the long-held belief that certain agent-provocateurs are bent on making the streets constantly dirty just to drive a political narrative.

“It does not bother them that this self-serving behaviour could trigger an epidemic in the state. This is unpatriotic behaviour at its worst form.

“This is to reiterate to the good people of Kwara State that any deliberate act of sabotage on the government’s effort to curbing Indiscriminate dumping of refuse in the metropolis will not be condoned.

“The state government would like to remind the citizenry that indiscriminate dumping of refuse is an offence in Kwara State, irrespective of the social status or calibre of the offender. The government has been proactive enough to sensitise the public on the proper disposal of waste.
“We urge that the Commercial waste collectors assigned to manage waste for prompt evacuations from residential areas and commercial locations.

“We assured the good people of kwara state that all environmental violators will not go scot-free and will be sanctioned according to applicable state environmental laws”, he added.


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