2023 elections: Unresolved in-house squabble threatens PDP chances in Katsina

Dr Umar Sani Kankia, a member of the ‘Agyara’ Peoples Democratic Party’s faction in Katsina State has called on the party to urgently address the internal squabbles tearing the party apart in order to have a good shot at the forthcoming elections in the country.

Kankia made the observation while speaking to some journalists in Katsina.

According to him, the party is facing leadership problems and unless they are addressed, it may affect the party’s chances in the 2023 election.

He further said that the reason they are agitating for free, fair and credible congresses in the state was to save the party from the brinks of collapse.

The PDP faction in the State, referred to as ‘Gyara” is alleging that the last elected PDP executives in the State were appointed by a few individuals which explains why they ran to the State High Court to express their grievances and the case was eventually ruled in their favour but the defacto party chairman in the state, Yusuf Majigiri filed an appeal against the ruling in Kaduna State.

He said: “If PDP wants to win an election, it must organise itself and do the right thing. That’s our agitation”

We are not against anybody but all we seek is for the party to set machinery in motion to organise congresses that are fair and credible so that people would be able to elect party officials and not pinpoint them .”

Source: Daily Post

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