2023 Guber Candidate: PDP Victory Agenda Forum Advice Party Over Zoning

The Victory Agenda Forum under the umbrella of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), Kwara State chapter, has advised the party over zoning of the party gubernatorial candidate during 2023 general elections.

He said the inability of the party to present gubernatorial candidate from Kwara North candidate in 2019 election was not by error but by a political circumstances of time.

The Chairman of the forum, Dr. Babatunde Salami gave the advice during a press conference held on Monday at Nigeria Union of Journalists (NUJ) Ilorin Kwara State Capital said for Kwara PDP to retrieve it’s stolen mandate from the rulling All Progressives Congress (APC) come 2023, the party must pick it’s next governorship candidate from central senatorial district.

He said the party will to get it right by go for an intelligent, experience candidate from kwara central senatorial district to face the incumbent governor during 2023 elections, adding that kwarans have tasted both sides of political life and discovered the difference.

“A man who picks gold by the road sides does not value the pains of getting it”, he explained.

He said that the policies and maladministration of the present government in Kwara is characterised with neglect of the electorates and politicians who suffered for the emergence of the governor, noting that those factors can easily give PDP easy ride to victory come 2023.

He stressed that kwara north senatorial district has not been opportune to present a governor since 1999 due to prevailling unavoidable circumstances despite the facts that kwara north has men and women political value to occupy the exalted seat.

He disclosed that winning elections largely depends on political permutations and calculations, pointing out that the preparation for 2023 is gaining momentum and the political gladiators are moving closer to the political track.

“There is nothing bad in agitating for any governorship candidate from kwara north but the agitators need to consider the winning calculations and the voting strength of kwara central senatorial district cannot be undermined”, he said.

He stated that kwara central has total of 1, 207 polling units plus advantage of 142 polling units from Moro local government, while kwara north has only 785 polling units, adding that there is no political unity among the three tribes in Kwara north.

He cited the example of Ogun State where Ogun central and Ogun East for governed the state for over forty years while Ogun West (Yewa/Egbado/Awori never produce a governor, maintaining that the governorship seat is always between the other two distincts.

He also pointed out that in Oyo State, Oyo North always emerged as the governor of the state and the only opportunity Oyo North has was when Alhaji Rashidi Ladoja was impeached and his then deputy Chief Also Akala from Oyo North became the governor.

He further explained that Kogi State where Kogi East has being governor since 1999 except just recently that Kogi central has just has opportunity of becoming the governor of the state, saying that it is not the issues of political marginalisation but a political winning strategy.

The forum submitted that PDP should not take the risk of adobting a kwara north candidate in 2023 against the incumbent governor, urging the party to fly an acceptable, competent and reliable candidate from kwara central to serve for a four year single term.

“It is imperative to disabuse the misconceptions of some opposition of the PDP victory agenda, we are not compromising the aim, objectives, mission and core principles of the forum and we not minding the detractions from few opposing political elements.

“We have prepared with the emotional intelligence to withstand the challenges and we shall triumph over the imaginary misgivings base on the steadfastness in our political belief as the forum is not funded by no body outside the group in contrary to speculation but our target remain how kwara PDP will rescue power from APC government”, he submitted.

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Written by Issa Saliu

I am a journalist based in Ilorin

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