Akorecome Global Company Enhanced Human Economic Capacity

Akorecome Global Company Enhanced Human Economic Capacity.

The Chief Executive Officer of Chy Century Heng Yue Limited ( CHY MALL), Muqaddam Abdulganiy Zakariyah Akorede said it has open up various opportunities for the country as well as individuals.

He explained that it has also contributed to economic growth and enhancing human capacity as many individuals learned various skills through ICT’s multinational companies, adding that some public now conducting employment, examination, verification, interview and the likes over the phones, laptops at their various comfort.

He said “What could have happened if we are still in the age of landlines during the COVID-19 pandemic”, he queried.

CEO added that many people are operating the legitimately to improve their skills, business and financial status , pointing out that some misguided youths have devised various online means of exploiting unsuspecting people in the society.

He disclosed that many innocent people have been defrauded and rendered penniless, adding that the acts have contributed to numbers of suicide cases recorded globally, citing the case of a University of Ilorin student invested in an online platform who lost a sum of #30million.

He confirmed that Akorecome pioneered the CHYMALL e-commerce business as a representative of the CHYMALL a subsidiary of Century Heng Yue Limited a Malaysian based company that merged with Chinese based company.

He described the company as a global e-commerce platform that deals on various commodities ranging from Quantum Energy Products to electronics and authomobiles among others.

He said “The programme will mark a new beginning for entrepreneurship development in Nigeria by empowering some of our business partners with honourary award ranging from children bursary awards, elders health insurance and family support fund for the families of the deceased members”.

He announced some elderly persons members will be receiving 30,000 naira monthly from the company to reduce the financial stress for rest of their life, adding adding that all prosperous babies will be given 5,000 each monthly to support their education.

He however, called on government to continue to come up with youths friendly measures as a polices by engaging the youths positively as a way of their energy to right business, assuring that the Akorecome Global Company inconjunction with others non-governmental organisations will empower youths with CHYMALL e-commerce business.

Highlights of the event include health talks, presentation of gifts to some active members, free medical check up with free free drugs to all participants.

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