APC Reconciliation: Akogun Is Arrogant, Says Kwara ALGON Chair

The recent outburst and vitriolic attack on the administration of the Executive Governor of Kwara State, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq by Akogun Iyiola Oyedepo has been described as an exercise of egocentrism on the part of the old workhorse politician.

“Akogun Oyedepo is on ego trip and in trance for choosing to lunch attack on AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq administration in what he called New Year message, says Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON).

ALGON, in a reaction by its chairman, Prince Olajide Ashonibare, said Akogun’s vituperations is an assault on the person of the governor and a reflection of him (Akogun) as an egoist, who is self-centered.

ALGON’s Ashonibare’s reaction reads further: “It is his egoistic and arrogant nature that made him feel superior to others and his poor sense of judgment made him to place present and past administrations side by side, declaring that they are the same.

“In terms of promotion of peace, broad-based governance, engagement of the youths, care of the elderly, responsiveness of government to the plights of the people and delivery of democratic dividends, the present administration outweigh the past. AA administration is investing heavily on women empowerment, not lagging behind in youth development and social investment.

“The present administration is not into selling Kwarans’ common patrimony like the immediate past. It is unfortunate that the person of Akogun has decided to be blind to the transformation going on in different sectors.

“For instance, in education sector, learning environment were being turned around with massive renovation of school buildings and recruitment of 4,701 teachers; in health sector, 27 health centres and cottage hospitals were renovated and stocked with modern health equipments in less than two and a half years.”

The leadership of ALGON emphatically stated that the present administration remained focused and people-oriented, challenging Akogun to come out and prove the allegation of corruption he insinuated in his ill-thoughtout message.

The administrators of the third tier of government in Kwara State pointedly said: “It would be foolhardy for Akogun Oyedepo to ascribe the glory of Otoge to himself.

“No individual can claim it. It was a divine arrangement, which put an end to looting-spree and tranny of a political dynasty in Kwara State.

“In fact, he needs to be told again and again that cutting off a head should not be recommended as medicine for headache. Why is he interested in pulling down a building because he was an integral part of those who built but his recommended colour was not used for the painting? That is highly destructive in nature.

“Why is he saying: ‘the governor hasn’t done much’? He has allowed personal grudge and unexplainable hatred to becloud his sight and sense of judgment.

“Kwarans can see and feel the improvement in governance and coordinated delivery of social services as against political denigration and castigation by Akogun.

“What Akogun’s new year message portrayed is his love to choose personal desire over and above collective aspirations of a people. It means that with the present administration, Akogun is only seeing what he wants to see. In his iconoclastic perception, that has been his own definition of misplaced priorities of a government.

Verily said, ‘a man’s character is better known through his actions that his words.’ In other words, ‘action speaks louder than the voice. And the true test of a man is how far he can match his words with actions. Where has Akogun excelled in all of these. Rather, he prefer politics of adversity and subjugation.’

He should be counselled that propaganda can’t level or destroy a productive and responsive government. His personal wishful thinking cannot dwarf the towering collective wisdom of the people. Truly, Kwarans are now wiser, their suffering cannot continue.

ALGON leadership therefore advised Akogun to play politics with the thought of his people at heart. Rather than banking on decades of involvement in politics, he should sing the song of how beneficial he has been to his people in his politicking.

“It is not how far but how well, he should know that service to the people is the best work of life,” the body posited.

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