On behalf of the Mai Maritaba of Ilorin, Dr Ibrahim Sulu Gambari, CFR, who is aldo the chairman council of Kwara State traditional rulers and the entire sons and daughters of our mother grand mother and great grand mother, Alhaja Asiawu Saidu Alao Dan-Bawa, Aiyelabiwo, Omo Oloni, who died on the 25th of December, 2021.
Wish to show our appreciation to those who personally visited us made phone calls, identified with us through text messages include those supported us in kind and cash during the burial and 8th days fidau prayer of our beloved mother.
To mention but a few they are, Hon. Justice S.M.A Belgore, Hon. Justice Olarewaju Belgore, Engineer Sa’ad Belgore, Daudu Gbagede, Daudu Ballah, Daudu Bode Sadu, cheif Immam of Ilorin, Imam Imale of Ilorun, Iman Gbagede, Imam Bolanta, Kuranga Adabata family particularly Prof. Kuranga, People from Owode, Ballah, Otte Oja, Aiyekale, Ojutaiye, Eleminnla.
Jasakum Lai Haerah.
Alhaji Sahid Yusuf Bolaji,
Announcer for the family.

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