Asa Dam Waterworks Pipe Dislocation, Kwara Govt Calls For Calm

Kwara State Ministry of Water Resources has announced a temporary stop in water supply to some areas in Ilorin metropolis, owing to a recent damage to a major pipe from the Asa Dam water works.

“This is to inform members of the public that the main pipe conveying water to the Eastern Reservoir and Oke Ose (both in Ilorin metropolis) has been dislocated owing to the impacts on it by some trees felled by torrential rains in the capital city.


The Commissioner for Water Resources, Wahab Femi Agbaje said in a statement on Friday that the pipe connecting Asa Dam Waterworks with some areas in Ilorin the state capital damaged due to fell tress.

“The place where this occurred is currently inaccessible to drinkable water owing to the volume of water at this time of constant rainfall. Water authorities are eager to fix this massive pipe once the water level recedes in the coming weeks.

“This development means that we are unable to supply water to the Eastern Reservoir and Oke Ose axis of the metropolis.


“This regrettably means there will be temporary lack of public water supply to the following areas: Zango, Taiwo Oke & Isale new line, head office new line, Kwara Hotel, Balogun Fulani new line, emir road new line, opomalu new line, forestry road GRA, plantation road GRA, Onikanga road GRA, Amuro crescent, Jani close GRA, AbdulRazaq road GRA, Abdulkadir road GRA, Iyeru Okin street, Awolowo road, CBN quarters road, pipe line road, olododo Street off pipe line road, Ola olu area, Winner Express, Gbenle printing press, station road, ITC, Gaa Imam, New Yidi road, Sakama road new line, Gbodofu old line, Flower Garden, Shoprite, Offa garage, and Alegbede area.


“The government sincerely regrets the inconveniences this may cause our people and appeals for public understanding while the Ministry of Water Resources will quickly fixe the dislocated pipe as soon as possible.”

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Written by Issa Saliu

I am a journalist based in Ilorin

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