Court Vacates Order On Kwara Oroperties Seized Over Unpaid Shonga Farm Loans


The Federal High Court, siting in Lagos, today set aside an order of attachment at the instance of AMCON, on two state owned properties located in Abuja.

AMCON had earlier been granted an order of attachment on the two Kwara properties.

This ruling consequently vacates the earlier order.



The Kwara State Government had said it will diligently scrutinize all the necessary documents connected to government properties sold by past administrations for diligent prosecution.

This came on the heels of the seizure of two government properties in a choice area in Abuja by the Access Management Corporation of Nigeria over the indebtedness of Shonga Farm Holdings.

Government officials say Kwara has not benefitted from the farm despite investing more than #5 billion naira in the farm.

They claim that what the government and people of Kwara have benefitted from the farm is debt upon debt and now seizure of its properties in choice areas in Abuja.

The Kwara State Government is now taking its time to dust its papers for diligent prosecution of what it tags “the Shonga Farm scam”


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