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Crocodile Water Good For Human Body Pains Treatment – Crocodile Rearer


By Korede Adebayo,Timileyin Adetoyese, Fatimoh Ganiyu and Abiodun Aransiola

Alhaji Abdulrahim Ibrahim is the magaji of Ero- Omo in Ilorin South Local Government Area of Kwara State.

In this interview with Korede Adebayo, Fatimoh Ganiyu, Timileyin Adetoyese and Abiodun Aransiola, he explained how he catches crocodile, the advantages of crocodile water for ailments treatment.


What do you do for a living?

I am a native of Ilorin and into buying and selling of second-hand vehicles.

How do you come about rearing of Crocodile?

I came across the crocodile when I went for fishing in 1974 at a river called Yalu in Ilorin. I went for fishing with my colleagues during the fishing process, we found a big crocodile with lots of hatchlings, we first taught they were fishes, we tried to capture them but later we discovered that they are crocodile, we captured the smallest one among them while ran away.

The small one we captured can not run fast as others due to the injuried sustained from a crab on the back left leg we took it home for rearing.

How do you feed the crocodile?

I’ve been feeding the crocodile with dead goat, fowls and all kind of raw meat. Sometimes people bring fresh dead animals to feed the crocodile. At times it catched any kind of animal that move closer to it and swallow them.

What are the challenges in rearing crocodile?

I started rearing the crocodile in a tank before it gets older then I dug a pit for it. There was a day when it tried to escape, it dug a hole like a tunnel so as to escape but luckily for us some neighbours saw it and drawn our attention.

I recaptured the crocodile again and rebuild the pit with concrete. There was a day that two white men came with the intention of buying the crocodile but they couldn’t meet up with the price, although I want to use the money to buy another two crocodiles i.e male and female.

Why are you rearing the Crocodile in your compound?

I’m rearing the crocodile because we’ve a traditional believe that wherever a Crocodile is been kept there won’t be any such of diseases or sickness in the compound. And also the water where crocodile is dwelling can cure many diseases.
When you fench crocodile water and mix it with local balm and use for body pains.


Is any danger in keeping dangerous animals like crocodile in a residential areas? 

There is no danger so far as it is well feed and properly build a separate house for it and warning people not to move closer to it.

How do you clean or replace it water?

We don’t change it water because the water meame a lot for many purposes for pains treatment it doesn’t harm.


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