Dumping Of Refuse On Road Median In Ilorin, Calls For Caution


By Issa Shehu Oladimeji

The Practice of Dumping on the Road Median is becoming a Custom in Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital and it’s because the Government is not taking a drastic step against the perpetrators

It is an eyesore, across the state capital, Sango Axis, Maraba, Tanke University Road. How on earth will a right thinking person dump on the road Median, when four RowRow Bins has been planted along that same portion of the road for effective Waste Management, for instance along Surulere Road, one is at Oja Oba, another at Baboko, Oja titun Junction and of course the forth one, Police B division


Government have played their roles, it’s now left for the right thinking citizen to play their own roles, as we always attributed all fault to government but fail in our own responsibilities as a good citizen.

It makes our city looks dirty and portrayed us as uncivilized

The youth can be recruited within that community, with monthly pay to serve as government task force day an night, while district heads will support in that drive to maintain sanity across the state

Otherwise it will continue to grow and becomes the norms


What do you think?

Written by Editor

I am a journalist based in Ilorin

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