El-del Fitr celebrations: Ilorin Based eatry Promotes Traditional ‘Waka’ Music.

The ace presenter, Musician, Comedian, films producer and master of all ceremonies, Alhaji Sulyman Ayodeji aka Akikanju ilu Ilorin anchored the programme.

It was a moment of joy for traditional Waka music practitioners in Ilorin Emirate as an Ilorin based Chachoal eatry Chief Executive Officer, Mallam Baba AbdulRauf Abdulrazaq organised El-del Fitr for traditional Waka music in Ilorin on Friday.

Alhaji Sulyman Ayodeji aka Akikanju Ode ilu Ilorin welcoming Alhaja Rukayat Ayinke Batimoluwasi to the venue of the event.

In his opening remarks, the coordinator of the programme, Alhaji Muthalub Bola Olojoku disclosed that the programme was organised to promote the Ilorin diying culture, saying that the sponsor of the programme determining to bring back the old glory of Ilorin emirate culture.

Left, Alhaji Babatunde Bolude and Alhaji Abdulhakeem Wopa during the programme.

He explained that traditional ‘waka’ is peculiar to Ilorin people, disclosing that others dialect have also emulating Ilorin Waka music in their towns and communities in nearby Yoruba lands.

Alhaji Obalowu Atanda and Hajia Rukayat Ayinke Batimoluwasi dancing on the stage during the programme.

He noted that many you of Ilorin have not conversant with the cultural heritage of Ilorin due to lack of proper orreientation on traditional culture, adding that with the reintroduction of Waka music the people’s mindset wil change.

Ustaz Muftaudeen Ridwanullahi reading from the Holy Qur’an during the programme.

Olojoku said Ilorin Emirate Descendants Progressive Union ( IEDPU)in the olden days usually organised end of Ramadan music competition for local musicians, stressing that the annual ‘were’ music had been cancelled due to religion reasons.

Alhaji Obalowu Atanda entertaining the guests at the ceremony.

“Waka music has neglected for past years in the ancient city of Ilorin by Ilorites for Fuji, Juju, Apala and others foreign music”, he lamented.

He assured that the sponsor have pledged to support the programme on every El-del Fitr and El-del Kabir celebration, urging them to keep the ‘Waka’ music on fast track as it has it been accepted by international communities.

Speaking onbehalf of others ‘Waka’ musicians, Hajia Rukayat Ayinke Batimoluwasi thanked the organiser for re-tracing the cultural heritage of Ilorin, called on others eminent citizens of Ilorin to emulate the good gesture of the promoter.

She advised all ‘Waka’ musicians in the emirate to re-double their effort to come up with religion, educative and sensible songs that would change the life of both old and young in the society for better.

Left, Alhaji Sulyman Ayodeji aka Akikanju ilu Ode Ilorin, the Waka queen, Hajia Ramata Olosan Agbarere with her group on stage during the programme.

The highlights of the programme include reading from the Holy Qur’an by Ustaz Abdulganiyu Sebura and a five minutes stage show by each ‘Waka’musicians present at a well coordinated ceremony anchor by Alhaji Sulyman Ayodeji aka Akikanju Ode ilu Ilorin.

The programme featured large numbers of Waka music practitioners in Ilorin emirate added to the colourful programme which will remain indelible in the minds of Waka music in the emirate for years.
The performing Waka musicians that performed at the show include Alhaja Rukayat Ayinke Batimoluwasi, Alhaja Osi-oyemi Adua, Alhaja Adebimpe, Alhaji Oniwapele, Alhaja Mubo Onibata, Alhaja Iyabeji Apo, Alhaja Oloka, Alhaja Siboro Bature, Hajia Asabi Hasibunallahu, Alhaja Titilayo, Alhaja Agbarigidoma, Alhaja Fatimoh Itakudimoh and Alhaja Iyabeji Kuntu.

Others are Alhaja Iya Dewoo Adeta, Alhaja Adamo Iya-oloye, Alhaja Iyabo Olola, Alhaja Yerima.Alhaja Iya Ile Oke, Alhaja Ramota Olosan Agbarere, Alhaja Sakata, Alhaja Alaye, Alhaja Iya Musiliu Kuntu, Alhaja Iya Muri Alagbede, Alhaja Asabi Hasibunallahu and Alhaji Obalowu Atanda among others.

Dignitaries at the event include, coordinator of the programme, Alhaji Muthalub Bola Olojoku, ace broadcaster, Alhaji Abdulfatai Dan-Kazeen, Alhaji Owolabi Wopa, Dr. Ahmed Ola, Alhaji Abdulhakeem Wopa, Ustaz Muftaudeen Ridwanullahi, Alhaji Shuaib Gbangba, Alhaji Kayode Mustapha, Engr. Busari Olorundare, Hajia Khadijat Sulyman, Alhaji Babatunde Bolude among others.

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