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Amazing DJ Sholex is a popular DJ based in Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital.
In this interview with Saheed Azeez, Agoro Wariz, Ayuba Abdulgafar, Adeniyi Femi, he speaks on how he struggle to become a well known Artist in Lagos and Kwara.

Can you introduce yourself?
My name is Lucas Oluwanishola Samson. I’m a professional DJ and I was born and raised in Lagos state also a student of Kwara State Polytechnic Ilorin.
What are the duty of Disk Jockey (DJ) at the event?
As a DJ. we will be responsible for playing songs that are both entertaining and will affect the audience in a desired manner. This may include playing requested songs as well as setting up selectoin that will direct the audience to a certain area. This is done by selecting tracks that would admires by audience and celebrants.
What prompted you into the DJ work?
DJ is a rewarding job, It is also lucrative business and make one more popular in the society, a lot of people would like to be friend with you.
Mixing music is simple. People like seen DJs live performsnce on stage as many people love watching a real DJ playing.
For how long have you been into this music?
I started my career in 2014, so I became a professional Disk jockey(DJ) in 2019 and I was fitdt hired by the De Saint Club house in Lagos state in 2018 to 2020
As a DJ what method are you using to make you standout?
I’ve spent a lot of time in pondering of which methods will make me different from others in music industry and something that is not come naturally to me but it’s just simply I love DJ proffession and not worry about the falling on my strive to become popular as others may think.
put together a comprehensive list of progressive ideas that would assist me to stand out amongst other DJ’s in the music industry.

Who is your role model?
My Role model is a professional DJ, Amazing Aryz.
What are your challenges in the course growing up?
Being a Disc Jockey is more than just mixing songs but also a craft and an art in its own right.
Considering the work Disc Jockey do, the reward are not often commensurate with the job done, it’s becomes a challenge when you put in so much time on how to get money to buy music instruments.
Sometimes you will be first person to get to the venue you set up your expensive instruments, you will be there for some hours and at the end of the show, peanuts is being given to you as take home.
What is your advice for the upcoming DJ?
Now a days, it is easier than ever to become a DJ, so there are lots more people joining the music industry, new entrants have an advantages more than those in industry before.
Most new DJs fall into the same trap if playing the same records, if you want to make your mix to stand out you need to avoid track selection more all-round selective. Whether you dig deep for hidden gems or revive old skool classics, you can be sure that the listining audience will rather listen to a joyable mix.
I will advise upcoming artists to make your mix pop by adding some acapellas, or try layering some random textures, old film quotes or sound effect of anything that might grab the audirnce’s attention but be careful and use sparingly instrument


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