Kidnapp: Again, Car Wash man Cheat Death In Ilorin.


Kidnapp: Again, Car Wash man Cheat Death In Ilorin

Another Manager of car wash along Adewole/Apalara road in Ilorin, the Kwara State Capital, Mallam Babatunde Agunko has been reportedly cheat death in an attempted kidnapp by a suspected ritualist.


According to a family source who claimed annomnity said the incident happened on Wednesday afternoon when a private car owner disguised as a customer brought a car to wash.

The source further said the suspect begged the washman to drive him with the suspect car to ‘Yebmot’ junction where he has special assignment to do in the area and later come to pick him up after finished the wash.

He explained that Agunko agreed to give him a ride but ongetting to ‘Yebmot’ roundabout, the suspect directed him to move towards ‘Gari Alimi roundabout and again ongetting to ‘Gari Alimi roundabout, he further ordered him to face Ogbomoso road.

The source added that when they got to ‘Eyenkorin’ he asked him to stop and waiting for him inside the car that he wanted to see someone at ‘Eyenkorin’, while waiting for the suspect by road side, one of taxi driver who is also one of his friends saw him inside the private car and challenged him why he was at ‘Eyenkorin’ with out notice.

He said the victim didn’t respond to his questions as it appeared to be dumpfounded as the suspect had used charm on him, adding that he began to understand that something had went wrong with the victim.

According to the source, the taxi driver went further to forced him out of the car before the suspect returns and brought him back home safely and the case has not been reported to the police.

When RealNews visited the family house of the victim, the victim speaks with audible voice as a result of the effect of local charms used by suspect to control him but he is looking strong and healthy.


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