Kwara APC Secretary, Mustapha Isowo Dissasociates Self From Direct Primaries, As Meeting End With Rowdy Session


All Progressives Congress (APC), Kwara State Secretary, Alhaji Mustapha Isowo has disassociated self from the agreement reached by the party stakeholders caucus on direct primaries.

He made this known while addressing the stakeholders at a meeting called on his instance at Chairman Ilorin South quarters along Fate road Ilorin on Thursday said he did not support the method of direct primaries.

According to a source who was at the meeting who disclosed to this medium on Thursday said the state secretary of the party, Alhaji Mustapha Isowo summoned another stakeholders meeting.


The source said Mustapha Isowo said in his opening remarks, denounced his support for direct primaries, explaining that direct primaries is not the best option for the party at this crucial stage, opting for indirect primaries.

Isowo outrightly kicked against the earlier decision of stakeholders on direct primaries, adding that the party executives would not benefit from the aspirants that are vying for elected positions.

“Only the party members at grassroots would be recognised by the aspirants, while the state, locals and wards executive members would not benefit from the aspirants if direct primaries was finally adopted by the party”, he lamented.

According to the source, over 90 percent of stakeholders that was at the meeting strongly went against his ideal of indirect primaries as suggested by the secretary and the meeting came to an end with rowdy session.

It was gahered that the stakeholders of the party held a wider consultative meeting in Kwara Central Senitorial District at Kwara hotels Ilorin on Wednesday in support of direct primaries.

It could be recalls that the APC stakeholders caucus meeting was held in Ilorin on Wednesday to discuss issues and fashion out the best option for the smooth running of the party primaries in preparation for the coming 2023 elections.

It was however, gathered that over 98 percent of stakeholders who attended the Isowo’s meeting massively supported direct primaries to allow for all members participation in the process of electing their representatives.


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