Kwara Community Arrests Illicit Drug consumers. …Hands Over To Police.


The youth in Idi-ope community in Adewole ward of Ilorin West Local Government Area of Kwara State have apprehended no fewer than eight suspects for alledged consumption of illicit drugs at their various hindeout in the area.

According to the Chairman of the youth in the community, Mallam Taye Olobi who said some hoodlums in the community have been apprehended and arraigned by the police before magistrate court in Ilorin over illicit drugs smoking of substance suspected to be marijuana at their various hindeout Ilorin on Sunday.

The Chairman of the youth in the community, Mallam Taye Olobi made this known while speaking with RealNews reporter in Ilorin on Sunday said the youth in community have intensified efforts to get rid of suspected of Hoodlums out the of the area.

“We have arrested eight marijuana suspected smokers and others for alledged consumed illicit drugs in the community and who had been handed over to police in Ilorin on Sunday.

He lamented that the ugly trends have posted serious security threats to peaceful co-existen of the residents of the community, stressing that youth in community have voluntarily embarking on community policing to flush out hoodlums from the area.

He stated that Alangua Adewole, Alhaji Hanafi Hussain, the youth, community elders, police and residents of the area have supported the on going exercise of the community poy to flush out the hoodlums in the community, disclosing that eight of suspected illicit drugs consumers have been apprehended and handed over to police for further investigations.

He said “There is no hinding place for criminal in the community by and large in the state, assuring that the youth will not rest on their oars until hoodlums were totally chased out from the area.

He confirmed that the state government is on the intensitying’s effort to bring back the glory of the secod secondary schools in Kwara community,

He disclosed that no fewer than eight suspected hoodlums have so far apprehended by the community policing which was later handed over to the police investigations panel to of the command, confirming the arrested of some suspects who have been standing trial before court of laws in Ilorin for criminal offences.

Speaking with RealNews reporter, one of the elders in the community, Alhaji Saliu Alubarika Onikoko said the action of the youth in the community following the joint decision of all in the community that who ever violated the rules and regulations of the community should be arrested and handed over to the police for prosecution.

He said the youth in the the community had the full backing of both old and young of the community to arrest anyone that may hinder the process of getting the the community rid of criminality as innocent citizens were always attacked by the Hoodlums on daily basis.

He confirmed that the Ilorin emirate, the entire Kwara State and Nigeria as a whole are solidily in support of the youth in order to assist the police to curb the menace of criminality in the area.


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