Man,30, Killed Over Banger In Ilorin

A thirty year-old man, Abdulkadir Segi of Segi’s compound along Sheikh Adam Al-Iory road at Ita-mo junction area Ilorin has been reported stabbed to death in his chest by one Kehinde Oloka of Oloka’s compound Oke-agodi area Ilorin on Thursday evening.

It was reported that the suspect, Kehinde Oloka repeatedly blowing bangers in front a mosque to disturb Muslims worshipers who observing their Ishai congregation.

It was also gathered that one of the congregants in the mosque, Abdulkadir Segi came out from the mosque to advice him to move away from the mosque if it was necessary for him to blow banger.

It was revealed that the suspect ran home and back and attacked Abdulkadir with a long shape knife and stabbed him in the neck to death. He was immidiately rushed to a nearby hospital where he was confirmed dead by doctor.

According to a family source who spoke to RealNews on the condition of annomnity confirmed that the suspect is now at large, adding that the has been reported at Adewole police station for further investigation.

When RealNews visited the family house of the suspect, it was discovered that all the occupants of building have dischatted including the suspect parents and relocated to unknown place.

Speaking with one of residents living in the area who also don’t his name to be published because he was not in possession to speak for suspect family, assuring that the suspect would be arrested and hand over to the police for prosecution.

By the time of filling this report, the whereabout of suspect and his parents yet unknown but one of the suspect family said the family have just rose from a family meeting strategizing on how the suspect could be arrested.

According a family source, deceased was a single but only survived by his parents and he has since been buried in Ilorin according to Islamic rites.

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