The Menace Of In-Effective Of Traffic Lights In Ilorin Metropolis

By Oseni Suliyat Ewatomi, Abdulazeez Fridaus Ayomide, Oyinlola Elijah

We have three traffic lights in Ilorin and non is presently active and it’s caused alot of accident, many pedestrian and even commercial drivers lost their lives while trying to manover or U-turn on the roads.
Reckless driving on the part of commercial drivers at most T-junctions especially challenge and Unity junction is no more functioning, there is many directions where cars, tricycles, trucks and motor bikes are coming up and those that drive recklessly cause alot of accident due to the inactive of the traffic lights.
Speaking with our reporters, one of Kwara State Road Traffic Management Agency ( KWARTMA) Abdulazeez abdulahi, explained that the three traffic lights in Ilorin is no more working and the road users are complaining alot.
The pedestrians also lamented that it was not helpful at all through the inactive of the lights and it always confusing the drivers and those who drive reckless caused alot of accident at the roundabout.
The utmost reason why more KWARTMA are to be stationed at every junction for adequate control of traffic at each junction like Challenge, Unity and Maraba, where the traffic lights is more needed.

The traffic wanders should empowered to arrest those who violeted the rules and regulations of traffic, some nuisance that disobey the traffic lights can be arrested and prosecute at the law court.
Traffic congestion is one of the major problem on our nation motorways as a result many hours are being lost on daily basis due to traffic congestion on Nigeria roads.
In addition, traffic holds-up along our major streets caused delay in getting to our destination, the paper examine traffic congestion problem and their causes at selected road intersections in ilorin.

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Written by Issa Saliu

I am a journalist based in Ilorin

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