We Use Church Tites, Offerings To Cater For Less-privileges — Pastor Jesutowo

Pastor Jesutowo Emmanuel Adekanbi is the lead Pastor of Christ Apostolic Church Water Garden and senior Pastor for Mercy Assembly branch Ilorin.
In this interview with some journalists in Ilorin, he spoke on the activities of the his church.
He also explains how the church tites and offerings were used to cater for the less privileged in the society.
Can you tell us the rationale behind the success of the week long empowerment programme the are just been held in Ilorin?
Yes, the rationale is just simple because the rationale is all about love, care, showing the affection of love of God to humanity, so everything you saw during a week long programme is the practical example of true religion.
According to the Book of James chapter one verse twenty-seven, so what we did is to take care of aged fathers and mothers in the society, we have to reduced the number of people who would come because of the capacity.
So, we have just scrutinized the aged and widows to one hundred and twenty beneficiaries but later we have one hundred and twenty-seven to show them the love of God.
We visited the orphanage homes and extend the love of Christ to them because we are to let them fell the impact of Jesus Christ.
Tell us what are those things being shared in the course of the empowerment?
Yes, you call it empowerment but I will call it cares for the old ones because those things being shared are much, I wouldn’t remembered everything that was given to them but I knew that food items were majorly disbursed to aged and widows in the society.
What is the plan for the sustainable of the programme in future?
The programme had attached to the anniversary of the church for sustainability sake, let’s say as far as God is providing for us, we are going to sustain the programme.
We are planning to increase the capacity based on God’s permission.
Averagely, can you give us the number of the people who benefited from the programme?
I have said we have planned to for one hundred and twenty less privileged old and widows but it increases to one hundred and twenty-seven people.
Can you intimate us on the total amount that spent on the programme by your ministry?
The programme caused us not less than six hundred and fifty thousand naira.
Is the programme meant for the Christians only?
No, we had a lot of Muslims who are co-beneficiaries of the programme because Jesus died for everyone, in fact, I don’t know if traditionists was part of them but I knew that many Muslims were among the beneficiaries.
We loved them equally, because we are one because we created by the same God, we discovered that we have some beautiful society that held on peaceful co-existence for this we love and care for them.
Our project’s message is message of love and care for the humanity which we believe is the easiest way to serve God, so, we can really say we love God.
The Bible say “if we don’t love our neighbours who we seeing on daily basis and we claiming that we love God who we didn’t see, to me we are an hypocrisy.
I think the only way we can boast of serving and love God is to love humanity that He created.
How do you source for funds to execute the programme?
God uses people, everyone in the church contributing tites and offerings to the church, basically we used the money generated from the tites and offerings to fund the programme.
It means that in our church, tites and offerings collected from the members of the church are returning back to the less privileged people in the society irregardless of religion faith.
What is your advice do you have for some well to-do individuals in the society to imbibe the act of philanthropy?
Thank you, a lot of people have been doing it in one way or the others, I just want advice them to do more better, they should increase their capacity
It is not necessary to be a millionaire before we can be of helpful to others less privileged ones in our environment, the present stage we are that we think is not favourable is prayer point for many people.
I also want to charged them to always trying to be a saviour to someone, what we can’t do when we earnings ten thousand naira, we may not be able to do it when earnings ten millions naira.
Can we expect NGO to join?
No, we have not talk about that, so, I don’t know how it will come up, we move by divine instructions and if the divine instructions says now have an NGO to partner with us we have no option but for now we have not heard anything about it, we listen to divine order before we do anything.
What advice do have for people to emulate your ministry good gesture?
I will just advice them to imbibe the teachings of Bible and be prayerful.

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