Why Alwsys KWIRS?


As a public analyst, I have been observing the chaos surrounding the financial last resort of Kwara State where the state depends on for survival. Before I put my pen on paper to view my opinion, I surfed the internet to know if I could find similar trail of ungodly attacks on other Internal Revenue Service of other states but i disappointed that only Kwara State Internal Revenue Service that suffers such mischievous attitude from her unpatriotic citizens.

On Wednesday 25th of November 2022, someone called my attention to a radio program where a former director of KWIRS, Mr Lekan Rotimi launched a fresh attack on the same organization he had served.


During the interview, he fumed that the present Executive Chairman of KWIRS, Mrs Shade Omoniyi said “there was no structure when she assumed office” in an interview she granted about 2 months ago. I quickly went to check for facts.

To my dismay, her statement was in contrary to what Lekan Rotimi claimed.
The article published by ThisDay on 27 November 2021 reads; First, she met a system that was unstructured with over 900 workers. Since almost everyone from the last management left, the responsibility of running the agency was entirely in her hands. The first thing she did was streamline the structure.

The structure I met was more like creating jobs for people, rather than it being a strategic structure. There was a lot of lopsidedness, so I had to reduce the number. I think direct reports to the Executive Chairman were about 26. I reduced that to nine. We had some job functions that should be departments, that were directorates, as the case may be. I created five directorates and four direct reports to the Executive Chairman. The Executive Chairman’s office is effectively a directorate on its own. That means we have six directorates now of which the Executive Chairman is heading one.”

I think Mr Lekan Rotimi should make dictionary his friend to know that UNSTRUCTURED is not the same as NO STRUCTURE. We can read from her statement that ” the structure I met ..”

My candid question to the former Director who is a close associate of former Accountant General of kwara state, Mr Ajibade is; why should he use 3 media outlets to ask for an ordinary question a second school student can give answers to.

My mind lingers with worries if these attacks were political or personal? In my curiosity to answer myself, I discovered that there was lawsuit between mazars consulting and KWIRS on payment of consultancy services of N569 million on service they didn’t render in which KWIRS won at the court of Appeals in September 2021.

Just like any other kwaran, I also got concerned on reason the organization has not announced her Internally Generated Revenue for 2021, in my comparison with other states, there has not been any announcements yet and i inquired from my friend who is an accountant. He explained that it is normal in public and private finance to reconcile before declaring figures because everyone Kobo matters. Immediately my mind hushed.

Lastly, one of the strategy of war is to destroy the enemy’s sources of funding, this is political period, kwarans should understand that KWIRS shouldn’t be an element of political game, we should guard our treasure (KWIRS) against political locusts and ensure revenue is mobilized for development of Kwara State.

Dr Ibrahim Rasheed writes from Minna, Niger State.


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